Managing schools can be challenging without a right communications solution. Sangoma provides modern UC phone systems that not only increase faculty productivity but also build a more secure learning environment for students. See how you can bring parents, student & teachers together effortlessly within your school premises by leveraging the top 12 UC features Sangoma provides!

#1 Hotdesking – Teachers can log into any phone and have all their features follow them.

#2 Phone Apps – Over 13 phone apps available for staff and teachers to utilize the graphical display for features like Follow-me, Call-forward, Call Flow Control, and more.

#3 User Control Panel (UCP) – Check voicemails and set up conference calls with your own unified control panel.

#4 One Extensions – Log in and out of any IP phone one the campus and access to all the settings of a user’s phone including extension, voicemails, contact lists, and customized menus.

students#5 Follow Me – Configure your extension to try other phones (mobiles or other desk phones) if there is no answer at your main extension.

#6 Voicemail to Email – Here any voicemail message gets attached as a sound file and sent to your email of choice. When combined with a smartphone it provides a great way to stay in touch.

#7 Fax to Email – Instead of relying on old fax machines and mail bins for individual users, with paper copied being lost or sitting in a mail bin for days, faxes can be sent directly to the recipient email.

#8 Smart Paging – Leverage your phone infrastructure to deliver same functionalities.

#9 Fully automated modern bell system

#10 Paging Pro – A FreePBX module that creates complex schedules

#11 Automated alerts – Emergency automated alerts that can be played on a recording

#12 Visual alerts – Send alerts to phones and light up in case of a school lockdown

Are you using any of the features? Curious to learn more features? Visit Sangoma’s page or just call our VoIP experts today at 1-800-398-8647!

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If you are a Toshiba Phone system user, you must have already heard that Toshiba has stepped out of telecommunication industry and suggested their customers look for new service providers to replace and suppor their systems.

Switching to a new phone system may sound overwhelming; however, it’s also a great opportunity to upgrade your communications system and take your business to the next level! Today, we are going to introduce you to a popular Toshiba replacement for small to medium businesses – Digium Switchvox SMB Systems.


Take Advantage of Switchvox SMB Systems

Tailored to small and medium businesses, Switchvox systems are designed to be easy-to-use, rich-loaded, and cost effective. With Digium Switchvox, you are in control of your most important asset in business, your voice.

Swichvox SMB comes with three different sizes that can be paired together easily to link your offices and run same software and share the same features from different locations. The Switchboard harnesses your entire communication system by allowing you to control from a web-based, real-time call control panel and stay connected anywhere, anytime with an Internet connection.

If you are looking to replace your old phone system, now is the time! Digium is offering two special promotions to make your switch even better. Be sure to take advantage of them before they expire:

  • Get special pricing when you replace an existing system with Digium Switchvox.
  • Receive a free D60 IP phone with full-color display for each new seat purchased on a 3-year Switchvox Cloud unlimited service contract.
  • See more promotions.


Why Choose Digium Switchvox SMB?

  • Switchvox SMB is ideal for small to medium sized businesses seeking a full feature set and powerful functionality.
  • Pay one low price for powerful all-inclusive communications features.
  • Money saving, easily managed, future-proof Unified Communication solution that grows with you.
  • Try before you buy – a completely free, no risk/commitment demo.

Ready to replace your old phone system? Have more questions or concerns? Call our VoIP experts at 1-800-8647 today! We will be happy to assist you.


The world is changing fast. When I was little, no one was using the term “smartphone”, “USB port”, or “touchscreen”. Maybe, in the next decade, we will no longer need a so-called “phone” and the new generation will have to go to a history museum to see a physical phone.

The world is dynamic, so is your business. It’s time to review your phone system to see if it can keep up with your competitors, partners, and, the most important of all, your customers. Here we put together the top 5 indicators your phone system is outdated.


Top 4 Warning Signs Your Phone System is Not Sufficient for Business

Indicator #1 Increasing Monthly Fee

An increased phone bill is the most obvious indication your phone system need a facelift. While your competitors are cutting down their phone bills, your high bills might be putting you at a disadvantage.

Indicator #2 Decreasing Customer Satisfaction

In this competitive world, customers are expecting fast and precise answers from you. If your phone system can’t keep up their needs (call quality, etc.), you might lose your customers to other competitors who can serve them more efficiently and clearly.

Indicator #3 Lower Work Flexibility

With the help of technology, employees are able to enjoy higher work flexibility than ever before. More and more people are working from home or in a virtual system. If your phone system is not able to support or manage remote workers, you might face losing valuable employees or decreased work ethic.

Indicator #4 Separated Multiple Communication Channels

If your system doesn’t have a unified communication system, you might find your employees using various private communication channels. Not only could they miss important messages, but waste a lot of time making sure everyone is on the same page.

Indicator #5 Difficult to Upscale or Downscale

Businesses are dynamic. It’s normal to upscale or downscale your business at times, therefore, you have to make sure the changing process is as simple as possible. If you find it costly or time-consuming to add/remove a few lines, the phone system is not sufficient for dynamic businesses.

Now you have briefly reviewed your phone system. Did you see any warning signs in your phone system? What other signs did you see your phone system is holding back your business? Share with us!