Are you a small business looking for a basic SIP Phone that simply works? If you are familiar with Sangoma’s s-Series SIP phones, you must have heard the s300 entry-level IP phone, which is equipped with 2 SIP accounts, 6 feature keys and 5-way conferencing.

Now there’s one more great option at an even lower price point for small start-ups looking for a simple solution without bells and whistles: the s205 Basic IP Phone!

Sangoma Entry-level s205 IP Phone

Entry-Level, Affordable IP Phones: Hot-Desking, Built-in VPN, EndPoint Manager

The s205 is an entry-level SIP Phone designed with all the fundamental capabilities you’ll need for daily operations. This 1-line SIP phone features Hot-Desking function that allows you to access all your settings simply by logging into any phone with your extension and password. This is perfect for users without a permanent work desk such as call-center agents and roaming workers!

Even better, it comes with marketing leading security features that will give your whole team peace of mind. With the built-in Virtual Private Network (VPN), your remote workers are able to access all the tools from the office without compromising security.

Like all other s-Series Phones, the s205 is also designed to work with FreePBX and PBXact phone system using Zero Touch Provisioning. This affordable entry-level s205 is a phone that anyone in your office or remote can install, provisioning and start using right out of the box!

Popular Features:

  • 1 SIP Account
  • 3-line display
  • 10/100 Dual Ethernet
  • HD & PoE
  • 5 Way Conference
  • Full Duplex Speakerphone
  • Zero Touch Provisioning
  • EndPoint Manager Included
  • Hot-Desking- log in to any phone and all your settings follow instantly.
  • Built-in VPN
  • Optional Annual Support & Software Maintenance Plans

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The s205 IP Phones are now In Stock!

The s205 is now currently available at our online store. Visit our site or call of our VoIP experts at 1-800-398-8647 today to place your order or have all your questions answered!

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It doesn’t matter if you are an entry or executive-level user, Sangoma’s s-Series IP Phones always have the solution that can fulfill your business demands. Especially if you are a FreePBX and PBXact user, you know how easy and fast it is to deploy Sangoma’s IP phones with your system.

sangoma-logoNow, Sangoma is going one step further to roll out the new s705 that will take their executive-level users to the next level. Let’s check out what it is all about!

Large Color Display with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Support

The new s705 is a 6 SIP accounts IP Phone that boasts a 4.3-inch full-color display and Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity. Targeting exective-level users, the s705 IP phone really draws everyone’s attention with its enhanced network connectivity with Power over Ethernet (PoE), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support that allows you to enjoy a completely cable-free setup with your headsets and other devices!

And, of course, just like other Sangoma IP Phones, the s705 is designed to work seamlessly with FreePBX and PBXact and it is ready to work right out of the box – True Zero Touch Configuration.

Quick Facts:

  • 6x SIP Accounts  s705
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Support  
  • Full Duplex Speaker Phone  
  • 5-way Conferencing  
  • 4.3 Inch Full-Color Display  
  • 45 Programmable Soft Keys  
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • Optional Annual Support & Software Maintenance Plans

Download the s705 datasheet

The s705 IP Phones are now available at For more information, visit our website or simply call one of our VoIP experts at 1-800-398-8647 now!
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