Had enough of the poor audio quality and choppy video? Nothing frustrates your customers or salespeople more than poor phone quality. Businesses in all walks of life depend on a phone system that simply works smoothly every single time and that highly relies on whether you have strong QoS or not. That is why it’s important to learn about what QoS is and how it works! Let’s get to it!

What is QoS?

QoS stands for Quality of Service. As the name implies, QoS is a way of providing better overall performance for selected traffic types on telephone networks.

Basically, it’s a method to ensure that your communication system has the ability to provide high-quality service. See the definition from Microsoft:

Quality of Service (QoS) for networks is an industry-wide set of standards and mechanisms for ensuring high-quality performance for critical applications. – TechNet, Microsoft


How Innovative VoIP QoS Boosts Your Network

There are two types of speeds: Burst Speeds and Streaming Speed

Burst Speeds, also known as speed test speed, helps you download small files quickly and it only lasts a few seconds; Streaming Speed, on the other side, helps you work on long-term tasks such as voice and streaming videos. Traditional firewalls lack the ability to recognize different types of speeds and the tasks you are doing on the networks, so they are not able to understand who needs access to certain services at certain times and how much. That’s where an innovative VoIP QoS product, like SimpleWan’s solution, comes into play!

The SimpleWan solution acts like a sensor that is aware of the differences between streaming speeds and bursting speeds, the various devices that are on your networks, as well as the needs from all users and tasks.

The intelligent solution makes smart real-time decisions to prioritize your tasks and assign just the right amount of space for each task. Once the task is complete, it opens up space again to all users to ensure that all users get equal access to the network connection. The consistency of network access is so important nowadays when there are so many different devices connected at the same time!

QoS has become a must when it comes to providing the best overall telephony service quality. Now that you have learned about QoS. Time to break up with your poor phone service!

Learn more about VoIP routers with QoS on our website or simply give our VoIP experts a ring at 1-800-398-8647 today to learn  how your business can utilize QoS!

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Last week, VoIP Supply and SimpleWan co-hosted a technical webinar to explore their real-time cybersecurity protection system, remote multi-locations management, and more technical features. If you’ve missed it, you won’t want to miss the recap here! Let’s check out some highlights in the webinar:

SimpleWan brings the tools and services necessary for any Service Provider and/or IT Professional to provide protection and security and reduce the overall customer hassle of managing their hosted solution.

Why SimpleWan

It’s a simple solution to manage multiple locations under one roof and it is very flexible to change and add to your network. See key features:

  • Easy managing, diagnosing and analyzing networking
  • Centrally provisioning networking service for every location
  • Provides real-time access to remotely monitor networking
  • Provides location-by-location analytics

During the webinar, the most exciting thing is to see the live demo of SimpleWan’s system. Let’s dive in some of the technical features!

Networking Dashboard

Josh Haselhorst from SimpleWan walked us through the networking dashboard in real-time action, showing us that monitoring all your systems under one roof can be simple and efficient.


Real-time Security Monitoring

Check out the real-time blocked attacks right from the dashboard report. You’d be surprised by how many attacks that can happen within seconds, no matter how small or big your company is!


Bandwidth and Service Breakdown

You will also see the bandwidth and service breakdown so when some issues arise, you will be able to pinpoint yourself to see which location or area in the system has gone wrong before reaching out to your technical support.


PCI Compliance Summary

See the status of your PCI compliance all in one table. Once you pass all the requirements, you still need to get the certificate of compliances. But with SimpleWan you don’t need a third-party company to do this for you! Simply download your certificate of compliances right within the system and you are ready to go do business without extra costs! This is a great feature for end-users and resellers!


UniFi Controller

UniFi controller is a useful control panel that allows you to see where all your access points (APs) located and to easily manage all of them without leaving your seat!
This is a huge benefit, especially for the hospitality industry. You will be able to see what devices are connected to which APs and who is accessing the APs and where they are. You can block and add users and see the statistics all within the dashboard.
simplewan-slidesDownload the webinar slides HERE

SimpleWan’s security system is straightforward and easy to use for every business. It is flexible and has a lot more features to offer. Call one of our VoIP experts at 1-800-398-8647 and start protecting your system with us today!

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Having visitors drop by the office is nothing new at VoIP Supply, and last week we got to spend the day with SimpleWan’s OEM Manager, Josh Haselhorst.

Josh started off the day by leading some extremely valuable training sessions for our Sales and Marketing Team. Then we were able to enjoy a delicious lunch! Somewhere in between all of the action, we were able to steal Josh away for a quick interview to give you a preview of what they have to offer and what the upcoming webinar will be focused on.

Josh was able to sum up the SimpleWan mission and give some insight on how great it has been to partner with us here at VoIP Supply!

Please check out the interview above, and if you want to know more about SimpleWan, and what they offer the telecommunication world, register for our co-hosted webinar taking place June 27th at 2 pm! We hope to see you there! (This webinar has been ended. Check out other upcoming events!)