Microsoft Corporation announced that they will release a free version of Microsoft Teams to compete with Slack, a free app pioneer that allows users to try before upgrading them to a paid version.

This free version of Teams is intent to attract small firms and groups of coworkers who don’t want to pay for the commercial Office 365 subscriptions, at least initially.

What does the free version of Microsoft Teams offer?

The free version is available in 40 languages and it supports up to 300 users, unlimited chat messages and search capabilities with 10GB of team file storage plus 2GB per person for personal storage.

Once the free version of Teams upgrades to paid Office 365 plans, users will get more storage and access to more of Microsoft’s cloud-based apps.

The free version also offers:

  • Built-in audio and video conferencing for individuals, groups, and full teams
  • Integrated Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote apps
  • Unlimited integrations with more than 140 business apps such as Evernote and Trello

Is Microsoft Teams free version for my business?

The free version of Microsoft Teams certainly is appealing, but you would want to make sure that the free version is enough for your business!

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What’s the Difference Between SIP phones and VoIP phones?

Q: I am not very familiar with SIP phones vs VOIP phones. Is VoIP phone designed to work independently, or as a handset for a softphone? Could a VoIP phone work autonomously without the need for direct connection to a computer? 

Unfortunately, the issue we are experiencing with our currentPolycom phones is that they are basically too intelligent! Our staff daily even sometimes hours switch stations. and currently, they are having to re-verify credentials when they log into a new station so they can pair with the associated phone

A: SIP and VoIP are synonymous to a degree. All SIP is VoIP but not all VoIP is SIP. SIP is a particular protocol. There are more protocols that are VoIP. Skype for Business is a prime example. Skype is not SIP, that is why we specify a device for Skype for Business.

Yes, for sure! A workstation computer does not control the call, the PBX does.



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Update 5.17.2018: Microsoft announced that Windows 10 Mobile will be supported through December 2019, and Windows phones are also still being used in corporate environments.
Starting from May 20th, 2018, Microsoft will stop supporting three Windows phone version of apps: Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Skype for Business.

How will this affect my Windows phone?

The retirement of these three apps means that they will be removed from the Microsoft Store and there will no longer be any updates on the apps. However, Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 Mobile with no new features for the system.

Starting on May 20th, you will notice:

  • Skype for Business and Yammer may continue to work but will cease to receive any updates
  • Microsoft Teams will stop working completely and will display an error message when trying to connect
  • Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Skype for Business will still be alive on iOS and Android, Windows PC and macOS

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As Microsoft continues to roll Skype for Business into Microsoft Teams, they are getting better with more improvements and updates. Let’s see where they are at as of today:

New Business Admin Center

To allow IT administrators to easily manage the various aspects of Teams and Skype for Business services, Microsoft announced a new roll-out of Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business Admin Center.

This new center provides you with a unified experience to manage both services under one roof with additional functionality such as the ability to manage messaging settings on a user level. You will also be able to access the Call Analytics and Call Quality Dashboard right from the same platform.

Office 365 security and compliance center

Now, under specific users or groups, your admins have the ability to proactively make the decision of keeping and/or deleting certain content including conversations, chats, and channel messages based on a time duration. This will help your organization stay compliant with regulatory policies.

More new features available in this release include:

  • Ability to assign policies and configure your users
  • Guest access and account switching on iOS and Android mobile
  • Ability to manage federation settings
  • Ability to configure dial-in numbers and settings
  • More languages support – Indonesian, Romanian, and Vietnamese

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Yealink recently announced that four of their IP Phones  (T41P, T42G, T46G and  T48G) from the T4S Series have been certified for use on Skype for Business Online Service platform.

This certification has strengthened Yealink’s Skype for Business solutions and helped boost the popularity of the models in Yealink’s T4S SFB Series.

Designed for executives and professionals, the T4S SFB Series features dual-port Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and an advanced feature set such as Outlook calendar synchronization and meeting join functionality.

“The latest certification affirms our continuous commitment to enhancing interoperability and to bringing lifelike and productive communication experience through our phone endpoints for Skype for Business customers,” said Yealink Vice President Stone Lu.

“Skype for Business is looking better than ever with these fan-favorite phone designs from Yealink.” – Marc Spehaiski, VoIP Engineer

We are excited to see more customers benefit from this new collaboration!

Are you one of the many users that struggle with juggling multiple software windows and browser tabs?

January 30th, Microsoft Teams launched new updates that bridge the gaps between applications and allow users to quickly include information from other software applications into their team conversations. This is designed to improve team collaboration, especially for chat-based applications.

This new update also comes with a personal application hub where you’ll have access to a catalog of applications with pending items. The hub offers access to Who, an app that allows you to search for people within your organization by their name or a given topic.

“Now you can have a conversation about content from an app without the need to include a screenshot or a hyperlink to the information. In the same way that you can add an emoji or GIF, you can now bring information from apps into a chat or channel message with a simple click,” blogged representatives of Microsoft Teams.

Team collaboration has been a focus for VoIP service. Standard VoIP services also have lots of team collaboration tools to improve your teamwork such as unlimited Cloud storage and shared drive, keeping your employees connected in one system, regardless of their location, check some of them here!

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Microsoft announced that they will discontinue Office Live Meeting completely by end of this year.

Live Meeting is a popular online collaboration and web conferencing service that empowers businesses to conduct the real-time and interactive presentation.

Migrating to Skype for Business & Skype

The company is planning to migrate all data and applications from Live Meeting into Skype for Business and Skype Meeting Broadcast. Most of the features that were seen in Live Meeting have already been migrated to Skype for Business and Skype Meeting Broadcast and there are some new upgrades available such as a larger attendee scale.

Live Meeting users are encouraged to begin transferring their system to other similar solutions no later than December 31st, 2017, at which time Microsoft will fully close the Live Meeting service.

You can find the guides for transitioning to Skype here.

Other Web Collaboration Options

There are a lot of easy web collaboration tools available on the market that will provide you with even better interactive video conferencing, shared drive, and team collaboration.

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Back in September 2017, Microsoft announced its new vision for intelligent communications which includes having Microsoft Teams replace Skype for Business for Office 365 users.

Now Microsoft is taking their first steps to bring comprehensive calling and meetings capabilities into Microsoft Teams! These major updates of the new calling features to Microsoft Teams are meant to accommodate previous Skype for Business users. Let’s check out some more details.

What’s New?

The new calling features provide full dialing capabilities, call history, hold/resume, speed dial, transfer, forwarding, caller ID masking, extension dialing, multi-call handling, simultaneous ringing, voicemail, text telephone (TTY) support and other advanced features. These new updates are currently rolling out and they should take an effect soon.

As part of this new roadmap of innovation, Microsoft also brings data and insights from the Microsoft Graph into Microsoft Teams to empower users to achieve more.

These new features have been provided by regular VoIP Services for a long time and there are multiple Cloud Service Providers on the market that cover much more advanced capabilities. Click here to check them out!

polycom-logoRecently, Polycom announced their integration of its HD voice and video technology into Microsoft’s Teams. Aside from this integration, Polycom also introduced two new audiovisual solutions, Polycom RealConnect Hybrid and Polycom Microsoft Skype Room System.

microsoftPolycom has a long-standing partnership with Microsoft and they are dedicated to supporting Microsoft customers in all stages of their collaboration which include Skype for Business, Office 365, and Microsoft Teams.

“We are pleased to partner with Polycom to integrate their core voice and video devices with the Microsoft Teams platform.  Microsoft Teams and solutions like Polycom MSR and Polycom RealPresence Group Series will be a powerful combination for customers that need high-quality collaboration experiences.” – Bob Davis, CVP, Skype Business Services & Office Product Group Customer Experience at Microsoft

Back in September 2017, Microsoft officials announced that they are planning to roll Skype for Business users to its Microsoft Teams group-chat service. Yesterday, Microsoft revealed some more details about this migration plan, which is expected to happen in the second quarter of 2018. Let’s take a look:microsoft

Microsoft will supplement the existing group chat capabilities in Teams with additional features such as screen sharing and federation between companies.

For team meetings, in addition to the chat history and audio conferencing preview features that offered by Teams, Microsoft plans to add meeting room support with Skype Room Systems and cloud video interoperability to allow a third-party to connect to Team meetings.

SKYPEAlso, more calling capabilities will be seen such as the ability to use existing lines to activate calling services in Office 365.

Recently, Polycom announced their integration of its HD voice and video technology into Microsoft’s Teams which shows their long-standing partnership with Microsoft and their dedicated support for Microsoft customers.

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