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Book: VoIP for Dummies by Timothy V. Kelly

is your business set up for wfh?

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Book: VoIP for Dummies by Timothy V. Kelly 0764588435 Read More

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VoIP for Dummies

(Paperback) by Timothy V. Kelly; Don Peterson

ISBN: 0764588435 / Publisher: For Dummies / Date: Oct 2005 / Page Count: 272

Put your phone system on your computer network and see the savings See how to get started with VoIP, how it works, and why it saves you money.

VoIP is tech speak for "voice over Internet protocol," but it could spell "saving big bucks" for your business! Here's where to get the scoop in plain English. Find out how VoIP can save you money, how voice communication travels online, and how to choose the best way to integrate your phone system with your network at home or at the office.

Discover how to:

  • Use VoIP for your business or home phone service
  • Choose the best network type
  • Set up VoIP on a wireless network
  • Understand transports and services
  • Demonstrate VoIP's advantages to management